Cell Rap Part Two- Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

from by Crappy Teacher

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This song was created with students to help teach about the energy releasing processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Use with your students, spread and enjoy!


Cells Part Two: Energy Processes

Verse 1: 8 lines - Introduction

Hey have you heard, we’re back with part two
Cells made of organelles have work to do
The building blocks of life, our structure and our function
Need some energy, or they could malfunction

Photosynthesis makes sugars from the sun
Converting energy, now the food chain has begun
Cellular respiration breaks down this food
To give your cells energy so life is good


The circle of life
Starts with photosynthesis
Absorbing sunlight
The ‘plast is where the action is
Plant cells makin’ sugars- hard at work
But the next process happens all over earth

Releasing energy
Cellular respiration
glucose to ATP
Energy for all creation
mitochondria in every kinda cell
No respiration, no organism dwells

Photo and CR, this is what we are
Energy makers, absorbers and takers
From the mitochondria and chloroplast too
The processes are part of cells part two, part two, cells part two

Verse 2: Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is an autotroph production
Heterotrophs get energy from indirect consumption (Emma H)
Living things need the sun to survive- (Peyton S)
Get ready for the photosynthetic ride.

The sun hits the chloroplasts, remember them?
Stuffed with chlorophyll- now let’s talk about the chem. (Alex M)
We owe it all to the mean green pigment,
Absorbing all the sunlight that’s daily being sent (Zach L)

Carbon dioxide and H-2-0
Mix with light energy to make a crazy combo! (Alex M)
Water in the cytoplasm chills for a few-
Then hydrogen and oxygen split into two (Rheagan)

The atoms recombine to make C-6-H-12-O-6
A sugar called glucose, you simply gotta know this
The result is important to you and to me
Oxygen released from the plants and the trees (Wyatt K)

Verse 2: Cellular Respiration

Mic check mic check- cellular respiration
Bringin’ it back with thrill and education (Rheagan B)
CR is something all living things do
Without mitochondria, life on earth would go askew (Jaclyn K)

Photosynthesis’ products take the stage now
Powerhouses of the cell gotta break things down
Food gives us glucose, inhaling brings O2-
Cellular respiration makes something cells can use (Wyatt K)

Glucose in the cytoplasm breaks apart,
Into smaller molecules; it’s a work of art! (Jake G)
Then it knocks on mitochondria’s door,
Takes a step inside, where it’s broken down more (Ashlyn T)

This releases water, CO2 and a burst of heat
Formed into energy all cells need.
Who’s down with ATP?
All the cell’s homies! (Peyton)

Break Down:

Photosynthesis-cellular respiration
Opposite reactions- opposite equations

6 C-O-2 plus 6-H-2-O, a little light energy converts to glucose
C-6-H-12-0-6, what else? 6-O-2, now the opposites react

Start with glucose and oxygen this time, C-6-H-12-O-6 and 6-O-2 combine
To make heat energy, in the form of ATP, H-2-O and C-O-2, now the processes are through


from Crappy Science Songs Volume One, track released February 9, 2014
Written and Recorded by Emily Crapnell




Crappy Teacher Noblesville, Indiana

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